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The geographic, climatic and social factors offer conditions for a product of good quality with low production costs.
The monthly production capacity installed by Ecobamboo is 1.000 poles of 6 to 9 meters length for immunization and 1.000 poles for the processing of laminating strip. Sustainable harvesting of 1 hectare weekly, make 50 hectares annually, which is - cmpared to the local sugar industry (250.000 ha three times a year), an insignificant production, but a very hopefull alternative. 190.000 ha under erosion by 100 years of cattle farming in the region call for alternatives.
With the years we can get to a significant regional development, integrating both slopes of the Cauca Valley with a disposal of Bamboo Industry based on environmentally friendly resources. About 50 companies, base don already exisiting bamboo forests could be organized like a supply chain with rural stockpile to attend a plant of dimensions like the chinese factories.
Ecobamboo offers three lines of production:
sun bleaching of guadua
Strips, slats, small boards
Laminated guadua
Immunized guadua and dry
Strips, slats drying
Laminated guadua
Furthermore services:
  • Special orders of prefab structures
  • Consulting of construction proyects with all kind of Bamboo
  • Training in bamboo construction by "hands on" Workshops


The price depends obviously on the special proyect requierements and some negotiations with the client. Nevertheless exists an orientation on agreement with prices of the other producers in Colombia.

Delivery is ususally within a month after 50% downpayment, the rest against shipping papers or letter of credit.

Investors are welcome.