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All our Guadua poles are treated with borax and delivered "airdry" (18 to 20 % relative humidity). The poles are classified by "curved" (one homogen curve) or "almost straight" (nothing is really straight n nature). Some clients ask for a special colorcode in different diameters between 2 and 6 inches. We separate "natural" color and the "tigre" variation, ( Highland bamboo is named so because of the black spots of silica, these spots indicate an extraordinary hardness and a specific weight up to 900 kg/m3 ).
1. Guadua for construction and handicraft
1.1.Round stems
Length up to 9 metres, diametre from 2 to 6 inches. Lenght up to 9 meters or 30 ft.
1.2. "Esterilla", guadua split up lengthwise. Length up to 4 metres, width of 35 cm to 40 cm, one side planed. 1.3. Special cut
Due to client´s indication we fabricate guaduas specially cut for use in interior design.
Perfect Poles Esterilla Different cuts
2. Strips, slats and boards
2.1. Decorative strips
Of the round guadua we cut strips of 1/2 to 2 inches width, thickness 1/2 inch, of which the outside (crust or border) gets a special polishing, while the inside part will be planed. This decorative strip can have a length of 2,5 metres (8ft). It is used mainly in design and interior decoration, but also suitable for japanese bows or lattices.
Decorative slats
Small boards

2.2 Small boards
The secondary transformation of the rough strip to the polished board requires special machinery to guaranty homogenous dimensions.
The length of the boards is from 90cm, 120cm, 150cm.
The boards have various dimensions in width and thickness.
They are classified due to thickness of 6mm to 10mm.
The width ranks from 15cm to 35cm.

Actually production is on special order and takes time.


2.3 Rough strips
The first process of transformation of a round guadua to strips produces a rustic or sawed strip.
The farmer cooperatives deliver the strips to us in this condition, in natural color or bleached. These strips are dried in a solar dryer and eventually destinated to a 4 side planer for laminate production.

Bleaching strips
3. Laminates
.Laminated boards

3.1 Laminated boards and beams
The laminated boards are made up of small boards and so they have the same length of 90cm to 150cm.
The width is limited due to the actual press of 1 meter.
The thickness reaches from 5mm to 25mm.

Due to the actual lack of industrial machinery we do only produce special order. Prototypes of "woven strand board" - technology are promising. Raw maerial is extraordinary, Investors are welcome.

3.2 Laminated beams
The laminated beams actually are assembled by short small boards. Investigations showed that with a good overlapping of 1 X 10 (width x length) you can guaranty the adherence of the glue, same as the laminated wooden beam. Due to the high energy input in srip lamination we are experimenting wih "woven strand board" Technology, which is a very promising direction for colombian Guadua.

Laminated beams
Laminated panels 3.3 Laminated panels
The panels are made up of various boards, organized in crossed fibre or on carrier of MDF, hardboard or triplex.
offers panels of small boards, decorative strips and esterilla alone or interwoven. At the moment the sizes are limited due to the press to 100cm by 185cm.
3.4 Special laminates
Due to special requests we offer curved laminates and lattices in various dimensions.
Ecobamboo uses part of its residues for drying and bleaching combustion. But there remains a lot of leftovers, like sawdust of bamboo which could be used for fibre -composites.
We are open to suggestions and investor proposals in this direction and support relevant investigations.