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Ecobamboo was established in 2004 and shaped by experienced profesionals. It is committed to forest- and agro-industrial development, focussing on Bamboo as a "Non Wood-Forest Product " an its transformation into standarized and marketable elements for furniture and construction industry. The company´s aim is the market and to facilitate Your access to homogenous material of high quality, with reasonable wholesale prices.
Inspecting a guadual The yield of the abundant guadua clumps in the surrounding area of the processing plant in Candelaria is based on sustainable harvesting concepts, recommended and surveyed by the local environment authorities called "CVC", - a regional section of the environmental ministry of Colombia. The Export of our selected culms is backed up by all requiered papers.
Selected and Immunized Guadua
Mature and almost straight stems are selected, cut and cured by our provider and deliverd within a month to Ecobamboo. Taking in mind the health of our clients, our workers and our natural environment we choose Borax and Boric Acid as the only ecological preservation agent. After dipping the culms for 5 days in 6% boric salts, followed by cleaning with a Power washer and drying in shadowed spaces we obtain poles of excellent properties for construction and craftsmanship.  
Treatment with borax
Guadua Bridge
Bamboo Sheet Production
Ecobamboo also produces beams and boards of laminated guadua. Our long term aim are prefabricated elements for the construction sector and the furniture industry on a national and international level. We have develloped several protoypes, but due to a lack of machinery investment, we cant actually compete yet with asian products. Laminating
Training and Capacitation Courses
Teorical capacitation

Ecobamboo offers periodically some "hands-on" workshops for craftsmen, students and profesionals.

Having in mind the increasing demands of Bamboo products of high quality, we teach skills and tools, concepts and engineering.

Practical capacitation
Counselling and Advising of Projects
Planting guadua
We consult projects and development plans, with special interest in forming and applying sustainable concepts. All bamboo producers in Colombia are linked to each oher by and self-help- organization called "the productive chain of guadua". Counselling the planting