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The sustainable use and exploitation of the Guadua Forests
In a radius of 60 kilometres (37 miles) of Candelaria there are more than 5.000 hectares ha (12.000 acres) of guadua. In a circle of 10 km we count with more than 500 ha of resources, controlled by the environmental authorities "CVC".
holds long term contracts with the owners to guaranty a good and proper maintenance and a gradual intensification of efficient harvesting due to improvement of the control plots. Each lot of guadua has his register of origin and the client can trace the history of his purchase, which is published in the pages of the "Mercados Verdes" program of the Humboldt Institute /CIPAV/CVC.
The Social Aspect

The moderate harvesting cycle of an intensity 20% annually (five year rotation) is carried out by cooperatives of "guadueros", trained by us in collaboration with the branch office of the CVC in Palmira.

Many of these "guadueros" are poor inhabitants of the zone, who previously were dedicated to illegally harvesting guadua, thus degrading the forests and producing immature and consequently less durable guadua.

With the help of the sugar factories, owners of most of the guadua forests, and with the patronage of the CVC, various cooperatives were trained in sustainable harvesting and maintenance of guadua forests.
Thereby a group of people moved out of the illegality and personnel with technical viewpoint was formed.

With the cooperative and the "Sisben" (a governmental healthcare program for the poor) there is at least a minimum of social security guaranteed and the sustainable concept is based socially and environtmentally.

Happy of having eliminated the notorious middlemen, we don´t yet ask for surveillance of international certifiers like FSC. But we can order your poles from our neighbourhood Department "Quindio", where 6 associated Bamboo forests count (and pay) with FSC Certificate.