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Capacitation Courses in Guadua Construction

The Bamboo-Workshops at Ecobamboo are very "hands on", directed to contractors who are going to work with guadua. Being "Do it Youself" craftsmen, students, technicians or professionals, - hte idea is to familiarize them with this hollow material and the special tools.

The understanding of the traditional methods of European carpentry and the application of these constructive systems to bamboo allows a far better construction-concept, with more work-efficiency and structural reliability, than the common methods used by the locals.

The basic knowledge of construction in guadua and the proper handling of modern tools and machinery permits the participant to execute his dream jobs in bamboo and to be competetive in labor costs.

Applying some ancient concepts of "protection by design" and the basic laws of engineering with natural fibres , one can grant higher guarantee to the work and better the image of ecological construction.

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